Become a partner

Today Spectron is one of the major players on the fire protection and explosion-proof markets in Russia. The company produces over 300 items of industrial and explosion-proof products including flame detectors, fire alarm notification devices, junction boxes, enclosures, surveillance cameras, and camera housings. Our products ensure the safety aspects of numerous sites across Russia and CIS countries.

The benefits of Spectron include:

  • The in-house R&D team allows us to continuously expand our product line and improve quality.
  • Efficient manufacturing processes keep pricing strategy very competitive.
  • High product availability and short lead times.
  • Capability to develop custom solutions for our customers.
  • Marketing support
  • Sales support offering sales incentives, sales promotions, sales engineer coverage
  • Technical assistance via web, phone and email
  • Technical training on our products

We are expanding our business to other regions, and we understand that building a long-term business relationship with our partners is the key to success. Join us to grow together and to get access our competitive products and higher profit margins.

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