Explosion-proof light-and-sound fire alarm

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  • OSZ-Exd-А-Prometheus 12-36 V
  • OSZ-Exd-N-Prometheus 12-36 V
  • OSZ-Exd-А-Prometheus 220 V
  • OSZ-Exd-N-Prometheus 220 V

Light-and-sound fire alarms are used in fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in explosive zones of 1 and 2 classes of enclosed facilities and open installations, as well as in underground mines, mines and their ground structures

Body material

  • OSZ-Exd-A-Prometheus-aluminum alloy
  • OSZ-Exd-N-Prometheus-stainless steel

Fire alarm in a stainless steel body is recommended for use in facilities, under conditions of acidic, alkaline, etc. chemically aggressive media, sea water and salt fog

High level of protection IP66/IP68 ensures application in dusty conditions, in humid and wet rooms, open sties with strong wind and precipitation

Fire alarm power supply voltage, V

  •   OSZ-Exd-A/N-Prometheus 12-36V - direct or alternating voltage from 12 to 36 V.
  •   OSZ-Exd-A/N-Prometheus 220 V - alternating voltage 220V     

Working temperatures from -70  to +85 ºС

The device connection:

  • 2-wire type connection is performed at power supply;
  • 4-wire power connection - when power supply is permanently connected, the fire alarm shall switch to “Alarm” mode

Type of ex-proofing


Protection is made in compliance with IEC 60529:2013


The fire alarm meets the requirements on resistance to radio or electromagnetic interference in compliance with Group 4.

Light signal of the device is clearly perceptible at 15m distance when the outdoor illumination is 500lx max.

Color of glow under the order: red, white, yellow, green, blue

Blinking rate of light signal is 1 Hz

Sound pressure level at 1m distance, not less than100dB

Customer settings in different modes: 

  • - display in “Standby” mode: disconnected or constant glow;
  • - display in “Fire” mode: constant glow or blinking;
  • - in “Fire” mode type four tones of sound signal are available at option

Monitoring of power supply loop is available through control loop.

Galvanic isolation of power-supply circuits and control circuits of the device.

The warranty period of is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of manufacturing.


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