Test transmitter it-12-Exd

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Test transmitter:

Test and adjusted transmitter it-12-Exd

It-12-Exd in the black case is used to check the performance of the flame detectors of the "Spectrum-601-Exd" series

It-12-Exd in the red case is used to check the performance and for remote adjustment of the main parameters of the flame detectors of the "spectrum-601-Exd" series

The transmitter has 1ExdIICT6 explosion protection marking

The transmitter can be operated in explosive zones of classes "1" and " 2 " of closed facilities and open installations

Meets the requirements of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union regulations for explosion-proof equipment

The material of the transmitter body is aluminum alloy of D16 grade

Test transmitter



Protecting cover
in accordance with IEC 60529:2013



Type of ex-proofing





Functional purpose of the transmitter

  • Checking the switch of the detector to the «Fire mode»;
  • Checking the detector in the «Fault mode»;
  • Control of glass dust in automatic mode.
  • Enable/disable automatic switch from «Fire mode» to «Standby mode»;
  • The switching sensitivity of the detector is «Far», «Close»;
  • Change the minimum response time of the detector

Range of transmitters

25 m

25 m

Supply voltage

2 x 3.75 V battery packs

Continuous operation time

50 hours

50 hours

Temperature range

from -40 to +60°С 

from -40 to +60°С 


1,1 en

1,1 en

Complete with the emitter comes an adapter to charge the batteries from the 220 V AC

Full battery charge time-at least 3 hours

Warranty period 12 years Warranty period could be extended to 36 months if "Warranty extension" option is used.


Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (call free)
or by e-mail: support@spectron-ops.ru