Spectron-804-Exd Series Ex-proof Flame Detector

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  • Spectron-804-Exd-A-HART
  • Spectron-804-Exd-M-HART
  • Spectron-804-Exd-N-HART


  • Spectron-804-Exd-A-V-HART 
  • Spectron-804-Exd-A-V-IP-HART 
  • Spectron-804-Exd-N-V-HART
  • Spectron-804-Exd-N-V-IP-HART

Spectron-804-Exd series detectors detect manual arc and argon welding as false alarms.

Used in fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in hazardous area zones 1 and 2 of enclosed buildings and open installations, as well as in underground mines, mining plants and their above-ground facilities.

  • Housing of Spectron-804-Exd detector with index "A" is made of aluminum alloy (AD31T5);
  • Housing of Spectron-804-Exd detector with index "H" is made of stainless steel (AISI 321);
  • Housing of Spectron-804-Exd detector with index "M" is made of galvanized steel (steel 10).

Output interfaces for information exchange:

  • 4-20 mA current loop with HART protocol support;


  • RS-485 with Modbus/RTU protocol support.

Spectron-804 detector can be equipped with a video module:

  • index "V" - analog camera;
  • index "V-IP" - digital camera.

The video module is designed to record alarm events. The video module is manufactured in a separate housing, mounted on one common bracket and located on the same axis as the flame detector. Power is supplied to the video module from the detector via an armored cable. A separate power supply board is installed in the detector for the operation of the video module.

Photos from the analog video module are sent to the RS-485 interface located on the detector's circuit board and are transmitted to the receiving device via the Modbus RTU protocol at a rate of 1 photo per second. At the same time data is recorded and stored on the internal SD card.

The video stream from the IP video module is transmitted to the operator (to a dedicated server, video recorder, etc.) via the Ethernet protocol and is simultaneously stored on the internal SD card.

Flame detector in stainless steel housing is recommended for use in facilities exposed to acidic, alkaline and other chemically aggressive environments, sea water and salt fog.

Circuit board of the device is equipped with a 3-stage lightning and surge protector, which allows using it without additional equipment for overvoltage protection.

For configuring detector’s parameters, “Spectron” configurator program is used. The program allows:

  • request the status of the detector;
  • restart the detector;
  • change additional settings of the detector parameters.

Detectors with HART protocol are configured using HART-USB "Spectron" interface converter. To download the software from our website click this link.

    Detectors with Modbus/RTU digital protocol are configured using SB-RS-48 interface converter. To download the software from our website click this link.

    For facilities with harsh operating conditions, the detector sensitivity can be changed. Detection range modes:

    • "Far 60" - TP-5 - 60 meters, TP-6 - 50 meters;

    • "Far 35" - TP-5, TP-6 - 35 meters;

    • "Standard" (factory setting) - TP-5, TP-6 - 25 meters;

    • "Near" - TP-5, TP-6 - 17 meters.

    The detector heater ensures full operation of the device at an ambient temperature of -70 to +90 ºС. With the heating function disabled the operating temperature range is -55 to +90 ºС. The detector remains operational with a short-term increase in temperature up to +135 ºС.

    The field of view of Spectron-804-Exd series is 90º in the vertical, horizontal and all inclined planes.

    The flame detection range (in compliance with GOST R 53325-2012) 60 meters to TP5, 50 meters to TP6

    Minimal response time, seconds

    5, 10*, 15, 25
    (changeable by user,
    * - factory setting)

    The transition of the detector from the Alarm mode to the Normal mode is carried out by disconnecting the power supply for at least 8 seconds

    Spectron-804-Exd Flame Detector






    Ingress Protection by the housing
    in accordance with GOST 14254, not less

    Type of explosion protection




    ATTENTION. The model of cable glands must be specified when adding to the specification and ordering the equipment. Cable glands are not included in the price of the equipment. Full information on cable glands is available on the CABLE GLAND page of our website . If you have any questions about the correct selection of the type of cable gland, you can contact the technical support service by phone.

    Specialized program Spectron-OPS-AutoCAD for easier designing

    The warranty period of is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

    Test emitters are offered for checking the functionality and setting :

    • IT-12-Exd (black) - a test emitter for remote verification of the detector's performance;
    • IT-12-Exd (red) – tuning emitter for remote change of detector parameters.

    The range of emitters is 25 meters.

    Spectron-804-Exd series flame detector is listed in the MTR “Gazprom” OJSC Stock item identification guide.


    Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (free call)
    or by e-mail: support@spectron-ops.ru