Volumetric security detectors Spectron-IO

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Optoelectronic volumetric security detectors Spectron-IO series

  • Spectron-IO-Volumetric-Exi;
  • Spectron-IO-Curtain-Exi;
  • Spectron-IO-Glass-Exi

Optoelectronic volumetric security detectors Spektron-IO are designed to detect intrusion into the protected area of an enclosed space and generate an alarm notification by opening the output contacts of the alarm relay

  • Spectron-IO-Volumetric-Exi;
  • Spectron-IO-Curtain-Exi

The alarm detector, excited, sound, the Spectron-IO series is designed to detect the destruction of glass, glazed structures of enclosed spaces and generate an alarm notification by opening the output conflicts of the signal relay

  • Spectron-IO-Glass-Exi

To work in the security alarm system

Explosion protection marking: РО Ex ia I Ma X/0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga Х/Ex ia IIIC T85ºC Da X. For explosive zones of classes "0", "1", "2", "20", "21", "22".

The detectors are made in a housing made of ABS plastic.

Temperature range: -30°С to +55°С.