Spectron-601 Series Flame Detector

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UV/IR Flame Detector, Highly Immune to False Interference


  • Spectron-601-Exi
  • Spectron-601-Exi-M
  • Spectron-601-Exi-N
  • Spectron-601-Exm
  • Spectron-601-Exm-M
  • Spectron-601-Exm-N

General industrial:

  • Spectron-601
  • Spectron-601-M
  • Spectron-601-N
  • Spectron-601-M-E
  • Spectron-601-N-E
  • Spectron-601-M (set 8.1)

S2000-Spectron-608-Exi and S2000-Spectron-608 Flame Detectors

Addressable: S2000-Spectron-608-Exi и S2000-Spectron-608 work in DPLS loop with S2000-KDL or S2000-KDL-2I

Parameters of Ex-proof Detectors

Spectron-601- Exi - type of explosion protection is intrinsically safe electrical circuit. Explosion protection marking РО Ex ia I Ma X / 0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga X / Ex ia IIIC T85ºC Da X allows the detector to be used in hazardous areas zones 0, 1 and 2.

An intrinsically safe circuit is required to connect an intrinsically safe detector.

The detector is connected to an explosion-proof control panel with an intrinsically safe output or to a general industrial control panel through an intrinsically safe barrier. Manufacturer recommended IS barriers:

  • Spectron-IB-01 – 12 V/500 mA, for conventional detector with 4-wire circuit;
  • Spectron-IB-02 – 24 V/100 mA for conventional detector with 2-wire circuit connection to the alarm control panel;
  • S2000-Spectron-IB - for an addressable detector when connected in the DPLS loop

Spectron-601-Exm’s type of explosion protection is encapsulation in a compound. Explosion protection marking PB Ex mb I Mb X / 1Ex mb IIC T6 Gb X / Ex mb IIIC T85ºC Db X allows the detector to be used in hazardous areas of enclosed buildings and outdoor installations. Hazardous areas classes are Zones 1 and 2.

An intrinsically safe circuit is not required to connect a detector with the encapsulated within a compound type of protection. Cables have to be laid considering the requirements of the PUE (section 7.3) for electrical wiring in hazardous areas.

Spectron-601-M (set 8.1) is a special version of the detector with individual settings. Supplied with SZK-25 sun visor, resistors for connection to the addressable expansion module (S2000-AP2), Spectron-MK-04 junction box.


Spectron-600 series explosion-proof and general industrial detectors of are highly immune to false interference.

Recommended for use in fire alarm systems in enclosed buildings

Circuit board of the device is equipped with a 3-stage lightning and surge protector, which allows using it without additional equipment for overvoltage protection.
  • Housing of Spectron-601-Exi, Spectron-601-Exm and Spectron-601 is made of high-strength ABS plastic.
  • Housing of Spectron-601-Exi-M, Spectron-601-Exm-M, Spectron-601-M and Spectron-601-M-E is made of galvanized steel.
  • Housing of Spectron-601-Exi-N, Spectron-601-Exm-N, Spectron-601-N and Spectron-601-N-E is made of stainless steel AISI 321.

The field of view of Spectron-600 series is 90º in the vertical, horizontal and all inclined planes.

The maximum flame detection range according to GOST R 53325-2012 is 30 meters to TP5 and TP6.

Minimal response time, seconds

6; 22*
(changeable by user,
* - factory setting)

The transition of the detector from the Alarm mode to the Normal mode is carried out by disconnecting the power supply for at least 2 seconds

The automatic transition of the detector from the Alarm mode to the Normal mode is activated by switching on the "Flame source control" function in the detector's service menu.

  • The temperature range of the detector in plastic housing is -55 to +75 ºС;
  • The temperature range of the detector in metal housing Spectron-601-M/N is -55 to +85 ºС, remains operational with a short-term increase in temperature up to +125 ºС

Modifications of the Spectron-601 series flame detectors with "E" index denotes an individual setting for a specific facility with harsh operating conditions

Spectron-601-Exi/Exm-M/N, Spectron-601-M/N-E Flame Detectors, Manual, Passport, Wiring Diagram

Spectron Flame Detector





Self-testing function

Ingress Protection by the housing in accordance with GOST 14254, not less

Type of explosion protection




Surface-mounting boxes recommended by the manufacturer for connecting the detector


Explosion Proof Boxes

Ехе or Ехd


Specialized program Spectron-OPS-AutoCAD for easier designing

The warranty period of is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

To purchase S2000-Spectron-608-Exi and S2000-Spectron-608, please contact "NVP Bolid"

Spectron-600 series flame detector is listed in the MTR “Gazprom” OJSC Stock item identification guide.

* - factory setting.

Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (free call)
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