Switching box Spectron-MK-04-Exi

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Explosion-proof intrinsically safe switching boxes

  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-P
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-U
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-T
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-K

Mounting boxes Spectron-MK-04-Exi-P/U/T/K

Explosion-proof switching box The Spectron-MK-04-Exi is designed to connect explosion-proof flame detectors of the Spectron 400 and 600 series with the "Exi" type of explosion protection. The box can be installed in any explosive zones

The use of Spectron-MK-04-Exi boxes significantly reduces the time of installation work and meets the requirements of regulatory documents for the installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas

The range of explosion-proof switching boxes Spectron-MK-04-Exi includes the following versions:

  • Speсtron-MK-04-Exi-P-transit;
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-U-angular;
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-T-tee;
  • Spectron-MK-04-Exi-K-cross.

Explosion protection marking 0Ex ia IIC T6...T5 Ga X / Ex ia IIIC T85°C...T100°C Da X

Operating temperature range from -65 to +100 °С

The degree of protection by the shell according to GOST 14254

Type of explosion protection


The warranty period of operation is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of release by the manufacturer.

Explosion-proof switching boxes are included in the nomenclature reference book of materials and equipment of OAO Gazprom


Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (call free)

или по e-mail: support@spectron-ops.ru