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  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-68"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-88"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-105"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-138"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-180"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-68-SR"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-88-SR"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-105-SR"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-138-SR"

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-180-SR"

Thermal cable Spectron-STSW performs the functions of a sensitive element as part of a linear thermal fire detector and serves to detect exceeding the threshold temperature as a sign of fire along its entire length

Thermal cable Spectron-STSW is a special thermally sensitive two-core cable that provides electrical signaling when the threshold temperature is exceeded in any section of its length. Signaling is carried out due to the short circuit of the cable cores in the place where the threshold temperature is exceeded

The detector's thermal cable can be installed in gas-hazardous zones of class 0 and below according to GOST IEC 60079-10-1-2013, in dust-explosive zones of class 20 and below according to GOST 31610.10-2-2017 when connected to spark-safe modules SPECTRON-MIT of the Exi series .

The thermal cable is designed for use in fire alarm systems together with SPECTRON-MIT modules

According to the type of reaction to temperature as a fire factor, the thermal cable is a thermal threshold detector of maximum action.

Execution material:

  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW" - PVC sheath;
  • IP104 "Spectron-STSW-SR" - Chemical-resistant fluoropolymer jacket

Depending on the version of the thermal cable according to the response temperature, the outer insulation of the Spectron-STSW thermal cable is colored in the following color:

Possible values

Description Class Working temperature Insulation color


Response temperature 68°С А3 -55°...+45°С Blue


Response temperature 88°С C -55°...+60°С Red


Response temperature 105°С D -55°...+75°С White


Response temperature 138°С F -55°...+100°С Yellow


Response temperature 180°С H -55°...+135°С Orange


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