Spectron-535-Exd Explosion-proof Manual Alarm Call Point

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Spectron IPR Exd Explosion-proof Manual Alarm Call Point

  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-A
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-A
  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-B
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-B
  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-B-HART/Modbus
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-B-HART/Modbus


Designed for manual activation of the Alarm signal in fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in hazardous areas zones 1 and 2 of enclosed facilities and outdoor installations, as well as in underground mines, mining plants and their above-ground facilities.

  • Housing of Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-A/B, Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-B-Modbus/HART is made of aluminum alloy;
  • Housing of Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-A/B and Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-B-Modbus/HART is made of stainless steel.

Detectors manufactured by class A:

  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-A;
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-A.

Detectors manufactured by class B:

  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-B;
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-B;
  • Spectron-535-Exd-A-IPR-B-HART/Modbus;
  • Spectron-535-Exd-N-IPR-B-HART/Modbus.

Call point in stainless steel housing is recommended for use in facilities exposed to acidic, alkaline and other chemically aggressive environments, sea water and salt fog.

  • Detectors with the "Modbus" index are equipped with a digital RS485 interface supporting the Modbus RTU protocol;
  • Detectors with the "HART" index for data exchange are equipped with a 4÷20 mA current loop interface with support of HART technology.

The detector remains operational at temperatures from -70 to +85 ºС.

Environmental Standards in accordance with GOST 15150: UHL1; OM1.

Operating element with magnet is separated from the wiring board (electronic unit).

The call point is reset to Normal mode using a special key.

Detector is connected to the ORION addressable system through S2000-AR2 addressable expander.

ATTENTION. The model of cable glands must be specified when adding to the specification and ordering the equipment. Cable glands are not included in the price of the equipment. Full information on cable glands is available on the CABLE GLAND page of our website . If you have any questions about the correct selection of the type of cable gland, you can contact the technical support service by phone.


Ingress Protection by the housing in accordance with GOST 14254

Type of explosion protection


Specialized program Spectron-OPS-AutoCAD for easier designing

The warranty period of is 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

4 points of support when mounted on the wall provide convenient installation.

Spectron-535-Exd series manual call point is listed in the MTR “Gazprom” OJSC Stock item identification guide.


Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (free call)
or by e-mail: support@spectron-ops.ru