Annunciator light and sound running line TSZVG-Exi/Exm-M/N-Prometheus

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Light-sound programmable scoreboard running line. Combined explosion-proof fire alarm

  • TSZVG-Exm-M-Prometheus 12-36V
  • TSZVG-Exm-N-Prometheus 12-36V
  • TSZVG-Exm-M-Prometheus 220V
  • TSZVG-Exm-N-Prometheus 220V
  • TSZVG-Exi-M-Prometheus 12-36V
  • TSZVG-Exi-N-Prometheus 12-36V

Fire explosion-proof sound and light panel Exit EX

The explosion-proof combined light and sound annunciator (board) is used as a light and sound warning device or information board in fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in explosive zones at closed facilities and open installations, and can also be used in underground mines, mines and their surface structures

  • TSZVG-Exm-M/N-Prometheus - for explosive zones of classes "1" and "2"
  • TSZVG-Exi-M/N-Prometheus - for explosive zones of classes "0", "1" and "2"

The siren can be used as information signs and displays.

Annunciator body material:

  • TSZVG-Exm-M-Prometheus - from low-carbon steel sheet with a powder polymer coating
  • TSZVG-Exi-M-Prometheus - from low-carbon steel sheet with powder polymer coating
  • TSZVG-Exm-N-Prometheus - stainless steel
  • TSZVG-Exi-N-Prometheus - stainless steel

The siren in a stainless steel housing is recommended for use in alkaline, acidic and other chemically aggressive environments. In conditions of exposure to sea water and salt fog.

The siren has a color programmable text field. The text font and text field background can have the following colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white, black.

The siren is equipped with 2 control signal inputs for turning on the sound emitter and allows you to reproduce individual tones of the sound signal for each control input.

The siren is equipped with 2 control signal inputs to enable one of the screen operation modes. For each input, you can program an individual inscription on the scoreboard. Labels may differ in font and background colors, number of lines, and static character. Example: inscription 1 can be static, and inscription 2 - flashing or "creeping line".

The software allows you to adjust the speed of the "creeping line".

Software for programming the siren is available on the official website of NPO Spectron

The siren communicates with the PC via the RS-485 interface. To connect the siren to a PC, a USB-RS-485 converter is required. The converter is not included in the siren kit.

The high degree of protection of the IP66 / IP68 shell ensures the use in conditions of strong dustiness, in damp and damp rooms, in open areas with wind and precipitation.

Annunciator power supply:

  • DC voltage from 12 to 36 V;
  • AC voltage from 12 to 28 V;
  • AC voltage 220 V.

Connecting the siren:

  • 2-wire - turns on when power is applied;
  • 4-wire - when the power is permanently connected, the siren switches to the "Alarm" mode when a control signal is received.

The siren meets the requirements for explosion-proof equipment and corresponds to the explosion protection marking:

  • TSZVG-Exm-M/N-Prometheus – РВ Ex eb mb I Mb X / 1Ex eb mb IIC T6 Gb X
  • TSZVG-Exi-M/N-Prometheus – PO Ex ia I Ma X / 0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga X / Ex ia IIIС T85°C Db Х

When installed in mines and mines, the power supply is not higher than 12V

Annunciator TSZVG-Exi-M/N-Prometheus is connected to intrinsically safe circuits. To provide an electrical circuit with the type of protection "intrinsically safe circuit", the manufacturer recommends using an intrinsically safe barrier with a maximum output current of more than 800 mA (at a voltage of 12V).

Operating temperature from -70 to +85 ºС

Annunciator TSZVG-Exm-M/N-Prometheus TSZVG-Exi-M/N-Prometheus

Type of explosion protection



The degree of protection by the shell according to GOST 14254

The board complies with the relevant regulations for immunity to radio and electromagnetic interference group 4

The light signal of the explosion-proof display is clearly distinguishable from a distance of 15 meters with outdoor illumination up to 500 lux

User selection of the board state in different modes:

  • in the "Standby" mode, the status of the display is: disabled or permanently lit;
  • in the "Fire" mode, the state of the board: constant glow, flashing or running line.

Galvanic isolation of power circuits and control circuits of the siren

Warranty for the device is 18 months, but not more than 24 months from the date of issue by the manufacturer.


Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (free call)