Annunciator explosion-proof light and sound board TSZV-PROFI-Exd-A-Prometheus 12-36V

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22 200.00  rub.
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Explosion-proof fire alarm. Sound and light panel TSZV-PROFI-Exd-A-Prometheus 12-36V


An explosion-proof light and sound annunciator (panel) is used as a warning device in fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems in explosive zones of classes "1" and "2" of closed objects and open installations.

The siren can be used as information signs and displays

Housing TSZV-PROFI-Exd-A-Prometheus 12-36V is made of aluminum alloy

Versions of the annunciator by supply voltage:

  • TSZV-PROFI-Exd-A-Prometheus 12-36V

Connecting the siren:

  • 2-wire - turns on when power is applied;
  • 4-wire - when the power is permanently connected, the siren switches to the "Alarm" mode when a control signal is received

Operating temperature from -70 to +85 ºС

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Type of explosion protection


The degree of protection by the shell according to GOST 14254

The degree of protection by the shell according to GOST 14254

The light signal of the explosion-proof display is clearly distinguishable from a distance of 15 meters with outdoor illumination up to 500 lux

Light flashing frequency 1 Hz

User selection of the board state in different modes:

  • in the "Standby" mode, the status of the board: off or constant glow;
  • in the "Fire" mode, the status of the board: constant glow or flashing.

The background color and the inscription (text) on the siren is selected when ordering.

Possibility to control the board power supply loop by the control loop.

Warranty for the device is 18 months, but not more than 24 months from the date of issue by the manufacturer.




Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (the call is free)