Ex-proof stainless steel EXD box with electrical heating

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Ex-proof stainless steel EXD box with electrical heating:

  • Spectron-КV-Exd-N-EP

Ex-proof box Spectron-KV-Exd-N-EP is a fixed device intended for commutation, transmitting, receiving, control and other electrotechnical equipment and devices in all explosively hazardous areas 

Marking 1Ex d IIC Т3/Т4/T5/T6 Gb (except for acetylene) / Ex tb IIIC Т85°C…Т200°C Db / РВ Ex d I Mb allows usage of the box in explosive zones “1” and “2”, closed rooms and at open facilities, underground mines, pits, surface structures, hazardous due to gas (methane) and coal dust concentrations

Body material – stainless steel AISI 321. Box may be used in alkaline, acidic and other aggressive chemical environment. With exposure from sea water and salt fog

The highest dust and water proofness IP66/IP68

The box is characterized with the highest durability

The manufacturer offers a wide range of ex-proof box body dimensions to allow maximum effective use of its inner space

Boxes are produced with insulation and electrical heating. Working temperature is maintained automatically

Airtight gasket is installed along the perimeter of the box lid and the lid is fixed with stainless steel cylinder head bolts and hexagon socket head recess

For easy assembly and maintenance additional lid support on the lid body is made with pivot hinges

Number and location of cable glands is made at order. Maximum number of cable glands for each box side is given in Table 2

The box is equipped with mounting panel for equipment installation

Protection is made in compliance with GOST 14254

Type of ex-proofing


Earthing connections are designed at the external, internal wall and inside the box lid

The boxes base has 4 mounting sockets for wall fixture (large boxes have 6 sockets)

Warranty 18 months


Technical support: 8 800 500-10-73 (call free)
or by e-mail: support@spectron-ops.ru